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Zenifa Bowring

Director | Rezen Studio

" I find joy in the journey of design, the conversation and exchange of energy that creates new realities.  Authentic connection fuels the vision which leads to sensitive solutions."

Fiona Chong

Director | Templewell Studio

"I believe in creating bespoke, curated design solutions for each client.
I have a passion for art and design, and am interested in the ways in which life, work and play can be enhanced within a beautifully considered built environment."

Lara Staunton

Director | LAHAUS

'I am an advocate for considered design and aspire to design timeless, feel good spaces. I am committed to innovative design practices that are socially & culturally responsive. I strive to connect people with their built environments'

Adam Paikos-Coe

Director | Cusp Design Studio

“Cusp believes great design is more than a sum of its parts and evolves from a holistic and honest design process. Each client and project is unique and we ensure the outcome is tailored to both their functional needs and aesthetic aspirations."

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Tracy Zorich

Director | Tracy Zorich Interiors

"I enjoy working with individuals who are seeking a unique design solution. I strive to create well crafted, functional and timeless spaces that are not only beautiful but also designed for people to enjoy. My ethos is that a space can be simple and pared back, whilst remaining captivating"

Kimberley Tan

Director | Studio Atelier

 "I believe in the value of good design and its ability to uplift, enrich and shape our day to day experiences. I have a passion for both Architecture and Interiors and believe that combining these two facets allows for a more holistic and considered approach to design"

Leonie Edwards

Director | Agent Interior Design

"I love connecting with people and people to design. Great design will always be built on the foundation of a great relationship and trust and as a designer I enjoy building on this to create beautiful spatial outcomes"

Jessica Ciccarelli

Director | JCD Interiors

"I believe good design should be accessible for all; It’s an incredibly important skill that should ensure our built environment has a sustainable future.
In any project we aim to always aim to be stimulating to the senses, seamlessly functional & unique"